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There's More to Cleaning Car Windows Than You Might Think

Cleaning your vehicles windows isn't just about making your car look like new. Doing so grants greater visibility, which in turn results in a safer ride for you and your passengers. In other words, it's a no-brainer. That said, everyone should clean their car's windows on a regular basis. But we also know that there are many mistakes people will make in doing so.

What kind of mistakes, you ask? For one…

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2012 Mazda5 Minivan Strikes A Perfect Balance Between Practicality and Performance

For many, the term "minivan" brings to mind images of soccer moms, grocery stores, screaming children, and a seemingly never-ending supply of somewhat mediocre performance. And we're going to go ahead and guess that your last ride in a minivan didn't turn you into a raving fan of the vehicle's adept handling and engaging drive. In most circumstances, the staff here at Walser Mazda would find it hard to disagree with you…
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