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At Walser Mazda, we believe in making Mazda service and repairs as simple and convenient as possible. That's why all of our guests are welcome to enjoy our fleet of Mazda loaner cars whenever they come in for service. Whether you just want to quickly return home, need to get to work or have other plans, you can do so with ease thanks to one of our loaner vehicles. When you schedule Mazda service in Burnsville, be sure to ask about our loaner car program and how we can set you up with one.


When you drop your vehicle off for service, one of our Mazda technicians will get you a loaner car so that you can continue with your day. This way, there's no waiting around at our Mazda dealership in Burnsville, MN. You can just get right back on the road while our Mazda service techs go to work on fixing up your car. There's no hassle and no waiting, and our fleet of Mazda loaner vehicles ensures we have something suitable for everyone. Once your car is ready we'll contact you and you can come back to pick it up!

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Walser Mazda is here to take care of all of your Mazda service, repair and maintenance needs. If service is going to take a while and you don't want to wait at our dealership, you can continue on with your day in a Mazda loaner car. You'll love the comfortable Mazda models we have available, and if you have any specific questions one of our Walser experts would be more than happy to assist you. Schedule a Mazda service visit and enjoy one of our Mazda loaner cars today!

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