Pros and Cons of Buying Last Year’s Car Model

November 27th, 2023 by

Navigating the Pros and Cons of Buying Last Year’s Car Model with Walser Mazda’s Expertise

When it comes to purchasing a new car, exploring previous year’s models can be a smart decision, offering substantial savings. Dealers, like Walser Mazda, often provide attractive deals on these “leftover” models to make room for the latest releases. To make an informed decision, it’s crucial to weigh the benefits and drawbacks. Let’s delve into key factors and discover how Walser Mazda can enhance your car-buying experience.


1. Lower Price:

  • Dealers, motivated to clear older models, allow for more negotiation room.
  • Opting for a previous year’s model translates to significant cost savings.

2. Higher Trade-in Value:

  • Dealers, open to negotiation on various aspects, including trade-ins, lead to overall savings.
  • Combining a lower price with a better trade-in value results in substantial savings.


1. Lower Resale Value:

  • Initial lower costs may be offset by diminished resale value due to the older model year.
  • Long-term ownership can mitigate this drawback for those planning extended car ownership.

2. Body Style Changes:

  • Opting for an older model becomes less appealing when significant style changes are introduced in the latest version.
  • Consider personal preferences and whether the outdated style aligns with your tastes.

Additional Considerations

1. Depreciation:

  • Recognize that all cars experience depreciation; buying an older model may accelerate this process.
  • Savings on an older model can offset potential depreciation concerns, especially for long-term ownership.

2. Brand Value:

  • Research car brands and models known for holding their value; consult Residual Value Awards or auto information websites.

3. Significant Redesign:

  • Stay informed about recent or upcoming significant updates to the model you’re considering.
  • Balance the desire for the latest features with potential cost savings from opting for a previous year’s model.

4. Reliability Ratings:

  • Prioritize reliability; consult ratings from sources like Consumer Reports and owner satisfaction reports.
  • Consider the impact of potential issues on the overall ownership experience.

When to Buy:

  • End of the Year:
    • Dealers offer better deals to clear inventory, especially around Christmas through the first weeks of January.
  •  Labor Day Weekend:
    • Take advantage of sales events during this period, ideal for clearing out summer models.

Walser Mazda’s Expertise:

Choosing Walser Mazda for your previous year’s car model purchase aligns you with a dealership that prioritizes customer satisfaction. From expert guidance to transparent pricing and ongoing support, Walser Mazda is well-equipped to make your car-buying experience smooth and rewarding. Explore their inventory and benefit from exceptional service. Make an informed decision and enjoy substantial savings with Walser Mazda.

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